Solvent-Based Inks


Jikelele is a new, 100% alcohol soluble ink system which displays impressive bond strengths (over 500g per 15mm) and allows for lamination constructions of the highest quality.


The Lazer range of inks was especially formulated for the flexo printing of PVC shrink film on the slower narrow web printers.


Lustreflex is a range of flexographic and gravure inks especially formulated for printing of vacuummetallised films.

Metaltech Retention

A metallic gravure printing ink developed for coated paper and board printing to achieve excellent reflectance and brilliance


The Microtech range of ultra fine pigment dispersions are formulated for hi-tone flexographic process printing.


A range of inks specifically formulated for the high speed flexographic and gravure printing of treated polypropylene and polyethylene films.

Opaltone Jikelele

Opaltone® is a patented imaging technology that digitally mixes CMY+RGB process inks. Black (K) ink is optional. The design & cost benefits are obvious. More colors from less ink.


An improved polyamide ink system as opposed to the Proflex System developed for flexographic print on polywoven polypropylene substrates for the manufacture of sacks.


Polyverse is a range of flexographic inks for printing polyethylene and certain other films which are used for packaging of frozen products, printing on bread bags, carrier and counter bags.


A Proflex range of Flexographic inks has been specifically designed for printing on corona treated polyethylene films.


A modified nitrocellulose gravure ink system utilised in the manufacture of gravure surface printed paper labels generally for bottled beverages such as beer.


Stallion is a range of high colour strength inks formulated for the high speed flexographic and gravure printing of treated polyethylene and co-extruded polypropylene films.


The Stingray range is a modified nitrocellulose based ink system, formulated for flexo and gravure printing of PVC twist, cello films, paper and board.


A successful flexographic and gravure printing ink system specifically designed for lamination suitable for polypropylene.


The Technivure range of inks is formulated for high speed gravure printing of treated polypropylene.

Texalflex (Texal)

A flexographic ink system originally developed from the highly successful gravure ink system Technivure.