A modified nitrocellulose gravure ink system utilised in the manufacture of gravure surface printed paper labels generally for bottled beverages such as beer. This product was developed to retain colour and film formation on paper labels when bottles are recycled in a caustic bath wash. Displays good gloss and slip properties.

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  • A strong high gloss ink for high-speed surface print
  • The retention is good in alkali solutions


  • Displays good scuff properties
  • Good gloss
  • Low solvent retention
  • No blocking in reel form
  • Good heat resistance 180ºC
  • Low odour
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Oil resistant
  • Low foaming characteristics
  • Good light fastness properties
  • Non-toxic
  • Good penetration in alkali solutions (caustic penetration within 30 secs)
  • Good slip properties
  • Good scuff (rub resistance)
  • Retention in high alkali solutions
  • Adhesion & tape release
  • Excellent printability and wetting

Wash up

For washing up purposes the recommended reducing solvent can be utilised.

Solids Content

White – 48 to 52%
Colour – 27 to 32% depending on colour & colour strength specified
Varnish – 20 to 22%
Metallic – 35 to 38% (Linings)
Metallic – 22 to 25% (Aluminium)


Can be utilised on both wet strength and metalised paper.



Supply visc: 45 sec + Zahn #2 @ 25ºC
Print visc: 19 to 24 sec Zahn #2 @ 25ºC


Supply visc: 40 sec + Zahn #2 @ 25ºC
Print visc: 19 to 26 sec Zahn #2 @ 25ºC


Supply visc: 35 sec + Zahn #2 @ 25ºC
Print visc: 18 to 22 sec Zahn #2 @ 25ºC


Supply visc: 45 sec + Zahn #2 @ 25ºC
Print visc: 22 to 28 sec Zahn #2 @ 25ºC


Ethyl Alcohol/Ethyl Acetate blend apart from metallics where acetates should be utilised (Ethyl Acetate/Normal Propyl Acetate blend)

Faster drying – Add Ethyl Acetate
Retarding – Add Ethyl Alcohol

For further retardation add Normal Propyl Acetate (Oxitol and Cellosolve can also be utilised in small doses, no more than 10%)


These inks have been formulated in accordance with the recommendation of the British Coatings Federation.

Waste disposal

Care should be exercised in the disposal of printing ink waste. This should be carried out in accordance with good industrial practice observing all the appropriate regulations including the relevant guideline notes to the Environment Conservation Act and Regulations (73/1989).

Health and Safety

Full details appear on the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Retention – Datasheet

The information outlined here is given in good faith but does not constitute a guarantee. Since conditions of handling and application are beyond our control, the converter should assure himself of the suitability of the product for the particular end use. It is recommended that advice be taken from Hi-Tech Inks’ Technical Department for all new applications and it is preferable for trials to be carried out before full production runs are commenced.