Training Academy for Printers and Ink Technicians

Hi-Tech Inks offers training for both printers and ink technicians. The purpose of this program is to introduce them to the world of ink production and usage.

The aim of this training is to:

Provide insight into the technology of liquid in manufacturing.
Give a basic understanding of colour and colour printing.
Disperse knowledge and build a skills base in conducting tests on liquid inks and their effect when printed on various substrates using gravure and flexographic printing processes
Provide knowledge on the common ink-related, technical problems and solutions.
Serve as a basis for core knowledge and skills required by factory personnel in liquid ink manufacture and colour printing processes.

Training is available on request. Please contact:
Hayley Palmer
Tel: +27 10 595 1666


Plant Tours

Plant Tours are available on request. These tours are available for customers’ production, quality control, marketing and other staff, to create greater awareness of the ink manufacturing process.

Please contact:
Hayley Palmer
Tel: +27 10 5951666


BEE Credentials

Hi-Tech Inks strives to achieve a balance in its workforce through employing a combination of highly experienced and inexperienced people. The development of inexperienced employees will ensure a high level of competence in the future in this specialized industry. The company believes that this philosophy of succession planning will ensure that Hi-Tech Inks maintains the highest standards of quality of its product.

Hi-Tech Inks BEE Certificate is available on request email: