Retention Inks – Comment from client

Ian Coetzee Production Manager for Thuthuka Packaging said of Retention Inks: “Thuthuka packaging have been using Retention grade inks for a number of years now, and even at higher speeds on our new press, this product outperforms any others we have trialed. Thuthuka packaging can count on Retention Inks not only to virtually eliminate downtime completely, but also to dress the beverage industries products in an aesthetic and highly functional label. In the gravure industry productivity is key and we have found the retention inks to be the answer to the consumers call for a mass produced high quality product.”

Phoenix – Comment from client

Yugan Perumaul from Everest said: “I am very pleased with the Phoenix Ink system. Phoenix has been running at Gravure for almost one year now with no technical problems experienced and no changes in the Solvent Blends. The printability is excellent with good lay and opacity on the white. The bond strengths are extremely high”.