Polyverse is a range of flexographic inks for printing polyethylene and certain other films which are used for packaging of frozen products, printing on bread bags, carrier and counter bags. Polyverse inks can also be used for the printing of polyethylene film to be used for the shrink wrapping of liquid beverages in cans or bottles. These inks have been formulated to take advantage of the modern flexo press where clean running and fast drying properties are required.

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  • Low odour and solvent retention
  • Excellent water/deep freeze resistance
  • Two side treatment and double side printing
  • Anti-static properties and required slip for enhanced packaging
    machine performance
  • Good adhesion giving scuff and abrasion resistance
  • Gloss: The system has good potential for gloss, but this is dependant on the surface of the substrate.

As the applications of flexo printed polyethylene (and other films) are so varied, the level of slip and certain other properties required of Polyverse inks must be specified in discussion with our technical department.


  • Low and high density Polyethylene
  • Two side treated Polyethylene
  • Certain cast, orientated and co-extruded Polypropylenes
  • Some cellulose films


FAST: Meths: Propanol Blends
SLOW: Meths: Butanol

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Press Speeds

Polyverse inks will print from 50 to over 200m/minute depending on reducer selection.

Colour Range

A full range of Polyverse colours are available which may occasionally be limited by pigment selection for specific applications. Any particular pigment resistance requirements (e.g. Light fastness, chemical resistance etc.) should be identified at time of ordering.


Colours: 40-45 seconds Zahn #2 @ 25ºC
Print Viscosity: 25-35 seconds Zahn #2 @ 25ºC
Mediums: 30-35 seconds Zahn #2 @ 25ºC


These inks have been formulated in accordance with the recommendation of the British Coatings Federation.

Waste disposal

Care should be exercised in the disposal of printing ink waste. This should be carried out in accordance with good industrial practice observing all the appropriate regulations including the relevant guideline notes to the Environment Conservation Act and Regulations (73/1989).

Health and Safety

Full details appear on the Material Safety Data Sheets

Polyverse – Datasheet

The information outlined here is given in good faith but does not constitute a guarantee. Since conditions of handling and application are beyond our control, the converter should assure himself of the suitability of the product for the particular end use. It is recommended that advice be taken from Hi-Tech Inks’ Technical Department for all new applications and it is preferable for trials to be carried out before full production runs are commenced.