A Proflex range of Flexographic inks has been specifically designed for printing on corona treated polyethylene films. Proflex is designed for surface printing. Prints made with Proflex inks exhibit excellent gloss and good colour strengths but are not heat resistance. The main application is for carrier bags that do not require specific resistances such as oil and water.

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  • Excellent Gloss
  • Use on both sides treated film
  • High coefficient of friction
  • Good adhesion
  • Good flexibility
  • Good scuff
  • Excellent printability
  • Organically formulated to ensure indirect food application (FDA approved ingredients)
  • Non-toxic
  • Lead Free


  • Proflex inks may be printed on clear or pigmented substrates
  • Polyethene and oriented, cast or co-extruded Polypropylene films
  • Substrates must have been correctly corona discharge treated for printing in the normal way
  • Proflex can also be used on certain other substrates to produce glossy, non heat resistant prints

Colour Range

Proflex is available as a complete range of single pigment full strength inks for in-house blending or as a pre-blended colours to meet your requirements. The range contains fanal pigments to give bright blues, violets and pinks but the use of these migratory pigments should be carefully controlled.

Bagging inline is preferable if using these fanal pigments, but if the reel to reel process is utilised, bagging as soon as possible after print is recommended. Although the pigments used have a reasonable degree of light fastness, they are not normally suited to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. NB. Any particular pigment resistance requirements eg. Light fastness, chemical resistance etc. should be identified at the time of ordering.

Wash up

Propanol : Ethanol Blends


Colours : 40-45 sec Zahn #2 @ 25ºC
Medium : 30-35 sec Zahn #2 @ 25ºC
Print viscosity : 25-35 sec Zahn #2 @ 25ºC


NORMAL : Propanol
FAST : Propanol: Hexane Blends
SLOW : Propanol: Butanol Blends


These inks have been formulated in accordance with the recommendation of the British Coatings Federation.

Waste disposal

Care should be exercised in the disposal of printing ink waste. This should be carried out in accordance with good industrial practice observing all the appropriate regulations including the relevant guideline notes to the Environment Conservation Act and Regulations (73/1989).

Health and Safety

Full details appear on the Material Safety Data Sheets

Proflex – Datasheet

The information outlined here is given in good faith but does not constitute a guarantee. Since conditions of handling and application are beyond our control, the converter should assure himself of the suitability of the product for the particular end use. It is recommended that advice be taken from Hi-Tech Inks’ Technical Department for all new applications and it is preferable for trials to be carried out before full production runs are commenced.