Jikelele is a new, 100% alcohol soluble ink system which displays impressive bond strengths (over 500g per 15mm) and allows for lamination constructions of the highest quality.

Jikelele shows success in retortable packaging, shrink, pasteurisation as well as standard lamination applications. The system also has properties exceeding alternate products currently available in the global market place.

Jikelele is a range of Flexographic and Gravure inks for printing on a variety of different substrates which means that only one ink system needs to be stocked for lamination jobs. These inks are supplied at low viscosity and very high strength and are modified with wax additives to print surface on most substrates

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  • Excellent printability, high strength and resolubility
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Low solvent retention/low odour
  • Can run at speeds from 60 to 500 metres per minute
  • Jikelele inks must only be used after trial and approval and are suitable for indirect contact
  • Suitable for retort and boil in bags, but here again, trial and approval are a necessity (prior tests on customer specific substrates to be conducted by
  • Extremely stable, because of solvent reduction being a single solvent group, solvent balance is stable and does not require ratio balances
  • Better productivity due to higher press speeds than conventional inks
  • Added mileage benefits
  • Low VOCs
  • Low print grammage with increase in bond strengths
  • Can be modified to surface print on a variety of substrates depending on the end use
  • With the addition of an additive, this ink can be used for both oleic acid and deep freeze resistance, this being achieved with one ink system (substrates and products to be supplied to HTI prior to use to ensure product resistance is achieved)
  • Excellent printability and transfer
  • High strength at low solids


Applicable on all Polyesters (treated, untreated, chemically treated, PVDC coated), Nylon, PT Cellophane, PVDC coated films, Polyethylene, PVC Shrink/Stretch and can be used on treated BOPP. With a small addition of tech varnish, (Jikelele can be modified to print on all substrates).

This ink system is suitable for adhesive (both solvent based and solvent free) and extrusion lamination

(Please consult our technical team before use)

Solvent Retention

Jikelele has been formulated to have extremely low solvent retention for all food grade applications.


This ink system has excellent rewetability and has excellent reproduction of half tone even at high speed.


Gravure Inks

To be reduced to a minimum viscosity
of 22-25 sec Zahn #2 to maintain functionality.

Flexo Inks

To be reduced to a minimum viscosity
or 25-30 sec Zahn #2 to maintain functionality.


Flexo and Gravure will be supplied at
28-30 sec Zahn #2 and should be used to reduced
ink strength before solvent is added.


Whites: Ethanol
Line Colours: Ethanol
Process Colours: Dowanol or Ethoxy Propanol

Jikelele – Datasheet

The information outlined here is given in good faith but does not constitute a guarantee. Since conditions of handling and application are beyond our control, the converter should assure himself of the suitability of the product for the particular end use. It is recommended that advice be taken from Hi-Tech Inks’ Technical Department for all new applications and it is preferable for trials to be carried out before full production runs are commenced.