Aquasharp are the new generation water based inks formulated for user friendly utilisation and handling on the printing press. General usage would be for conversion of corrugated board. These inks are characterised by their ability to provide high quality print repetition with minimal on press adjustments.The inks are of a neutral ph that translates into low odour, minimum anilox wash up and excellent re-wettability or resolubility around the press. Aquasharp can be used on both fast and slower machines on a number of stocks i.e mist, bay and kraft. This ink can be used with or without bladed inking systems and rotary dye cutters.

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  • High scuff resistance
  • Suitable for flexo printing of large solid areas on corrugated boxes
  • Suitable for multiple overlays of solid printing
  • High colour strength at low viscosity
  • Rapid drying for high speed printing
  • Good dry and wet rub resistance
  • Good Cobb index
  • Very good press stability
  • Easy clean up
  • Neutral ph/No adjustments on machine
  • Improved gloss and mileage
  • Excellent resolubility
  • Low odour
  • Formulated heavy metal free


Ink viscosity should be adjusted to the press conditions depending upon job design, substrates and print speed.



Wash up

Water is normally used just after stopping the press. However,
if the inks have been allowed to dry on the anilox or stereo, an aqueous solution of solvent + amine may be necessary to fully remove the dried on ink.

Light Fastness

The normal range has reasonable to good light fastness. However, for extended exposure to outdoor conditions there is a range of lightfast inks available. If the use of pigments with extended
light fastness is required, please advise us before ordering.

Overprint Varnish

To meet specific requirements such as rub resistance, good gloss, water resistance and low slip, a water-based varnish can be supplied. Aquasharp inks also have good UV receptability so for ultimate gloss results; a UV/OP varnish can be applied.

Process Printing

Due to the wide range of applications for Aquasharp inks, several versions can be tailor-made to fit with printing conditions in order to meet customer requirements.

Customers should discuss their specific conditions with our technical service personnel before ordering because substrates, anilox screens and stereos, densities, shade and print speeds must be considered.


Aquasharp Inks are independent of ph and therefore it is not recommended to blend with your regular inks as this could cause stability related problems.


These inks have been formulated in accordance with the recommendation of the British Coatings Federation.

Waste disposal

Care should be exercised in the disposal of printing ink waste. This should be carried out in accordance with good industrial practice observing all the appropriate regulations including the relevant guideline notes to the Environment Conservation Act and Regulations (73/1989).

Health and Safety

Full details appear on the Material Safety Data Sheets

Aquasharp – Datasheet

The information outlined here is given in good faith but does not constitute a guarantee. Since conditions of handling and application are beyond our control, the converter should assure himself of the suitability of the product for the particular end use. It is recommended that advice be taken from Hi-Tech Inks’ Technical Department for all new applications and it is preferable for trials to be carried out before full production runs are commenced.